Our little DICTIONNARY Séisme= An earthquake...


Séisme= An earthquake is sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth’s crust or volcanic action.
Etude sismique (sismologie) = A seismic survey is a method of investigating underground properties and rock patterns using induced shock wave reflections.
Sismographe=Seismograph : Instrument used to measure and record the vibrations of seismic waves

Seismogramme= seismogram : A tracing of earthquake motion that is created by a seismograph
Vibration des sols=Ground vibration : A vibration is a mechanical oscillation movement around a stable equilibrium position or an average trajectory. The vibration of a system can be free or forced.
Onde sismique= Seismic wave : A seismic wave is a mechanical wave which propagates through the planet following an earthquake.
Secousse sismique= An earth tremor is an involuntary quivering movement.

Faille= A fault is a break in the earth’s crust that accompanies a displacement of two compartments as well.
Ligne de faille= A fault line is a line on a rock surface or the ground that traces a geological fault.
Une Force= Stress : A force that acts on rocks to changes its shape or volume.

L’épicentre= Epicenter : The point on Earth’s surface directly above an earthquake’s starting point, or focus

Le foyer= Focus : The point along a fault at which the first motion of an earthquake occurs

Rupture sismique= A seismic rupture refers to an event that generates seismic energy as a result of slip on a fault
La magnitude= A magnitude is the great size or extent of something.
L’intensité = Intensity : A measure of the degree to which an earthquake is felt by the people and the amount of damage caused by the earthquake

Echelle de Richter= A Richter scale is a scale which is used for measuring how severe an earthquake is.

Une réplique = Aftershock : A smaller earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake in the same area

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13 septembre 2018

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